Saturday, July 31, 2010

San Kao Yu, Petaling Street

Craving for some beef noodles on a very late night, the girlfriend brought me to this place that she frequented with her dad before. Not knowing where to get my good fix during at night, I am actually happy to hear that this stall is the initial setup stall of the famous Shin Kee Beef Noodles at Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock; continued and manned by different people.
Arrived right in the middle of midnight; and we're the last and only customer here.

Ordered straightaway without much hassle. The girlfriend ordered a soup version of the Beef Noodles (RM 6) with standardized ingredients - beef slices, beef balls and beef tripes. The soup here is the winner of all in my opinion, with very sweet and 'beefy' taste which can only be achieved by hours and hours of boiling. I also enjoyed the beef balls very much; bouncy and very meaty.

I ordered the dry version of the Beef Noodles (RM6). The dry version's noodle are separated from the soup and has minced meat topping. The minced meat was not over-salty and actually tasted very good with the smooth hor fun that I ordered. Didn't expect that non self made noodles could actually win my score, but the simple combination honestly just did. I also specifically go for just the beef slices as I'm a big fan of it. For RM6, this is very worth as they give roughly 7-9 pieces of beef slices, along with a big bowl of soup to go with. I have seen more 'famous' places that is so stingy with their soup and serves like 1/2 portion of a small bowl of soup.

San Kao Yu's Detail
Address : Couldn't really specify the direct location, but from what I've observe: Come straight from the main entrance of Petaling Street, go straight till you reach the T-Junction and turn right towards Hong Leong Bank. The landmark is the Tang City Food Court. San Kao Yu is located directly left side in the lane. Another landmark is that this stall is located at the same row as the famous Foong Wong Bakery.
Phone :

Price: RM 6++ per pax

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

OUG Backlane Curry Noodles, OUG

Being a good elder brother on a fine day, I went to collect the report card of my youngest sister. Right after that, we were hunting for some good breakfast; and this curry noodle stall just hit on me. Well reason being that when I was in primary school, I used to frequent this stall with my mother almost every morning to get good breakfast. Feeling a little bit nostalgic here lol. This stall here is, well like how I used to like to say is one of OUG's treasure! The curry noodles here are of the better ones and trust me, the taste never changes as the uncle and auntie are still preparing the noodles on their own and not handing over to foreign maids to cook. From what I see, the son even came and help out now. Passing on business huh?

Good old Curry Noodles (RM 4.50) with toppings like shredded chicken, char siew, tofu skins and some raw cockles. The star of the curry noodles would of course be the curry itself, not too spicy and just nice consistency. I like how the noodles got coat with the thick-ish curry on every bite.

I don't take yellow noodles, so my always combination would always be kuay teow and vermicelli. Better still as vermicelli tends to soak most of the curry gravy in it, lol.

Finished and satisfying meal always hits the spot for a very good morning start. =)
This curry noodles stall is located between two coffee shops, one being TMC Kopitiam and I couldn't really remember the other's name. Just locate BHP Petrol Station (the only 1 petrol station in OUG) and TMC is located right opposite. The stall is located right between both coffee shop's lane. Opens from early morning till afternoon - depending though.

Backlane Curry Noodles's Detail
Address : Located between TMC and the other coffeeshop, opposite of BHP Petrol Station, OUG
Phone :

Price: Depending - RM 4.50

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Seng Kee, China Town, Petaling Street

Had a very good makan trip recently with my friends at China Town, a very good makan place for those on food hunting. One of my favorite shop to visit every time I head down is Seng Kee which boasts on some very good specialized food - Claypot Lou Shi Fun (the best!), Siu Yuk Min / Roast Pork Noodles (pork scores mark each time! ) and their special Yong Tou Fu. Heard from my dad that this place started quite early, way during their youth generation. Not much changed, well except for the price of course. It's still as good and as authentic it could be!

I honestly felt their Claypot Lou Shi Fun (RM8 per pax) is the best seller here. First off, I felt the lou shi funs are very smooth and slippery, with very fragrant good gravy base. Top it off with loads of minced pork and a raw egg; and it's done. You have to mix the egg so that the egg could give the noodles the smooth texture (can't go wrong with eggs and noodles combination) and it thickens the gravy. Simple but I would say take years to perfect it. Simply heart warming! A note though, I've heard from few sources that the quality changes on time depending on the chef. Anyhow give it a few try and I'm sure there must be a reason that why frequent customers keeps coming back.

Siu Yuk Min/Roast Pork Noodles (RM9 per pax). Their noodles are of the wanton noodles variant but fried with gravy; hence being a bit wet. The winner of the whole dish would of course be the roast pork! Crunchy, meaty and being so aromatic after being briefly fried with garlic! I especially like to wipe the roast porks with the gravy and garlic towards finish the noodles for that extra oomph, lol.

The Yong Tou Fuu (RM0.90 per piece, if I'm not mistaken) here is quiet different from the others. Besides being fried and served right after ordering to preserve the freshness and crunchiness, it's also being drenched in their thick gravy. The fish paste that is stuffed is quite tasty (wolf herring fish/ sai toh yee perhaps?) and up to par. My favourite would be the stuffed brinjal and the fried tofu skin. The fried tofu skin is no doubt very crispy and compliments well with the gravy.

Seng Kee also has loads of chinese dishes which can be accompanied with rice like any other restaurants. Will return to check out their other food as I must admit I could not resist but sticking to those 3 addictive orders each time visiting, lol.

Seng Kee's Detail
Address : 52, Jalan Sultan, 50 000, Kuala Lumpur(Locate Nando's/Watsons, and head straight towards the end of the road. Located neaby the end of the road.)
Phone :
Price: Depending - RM 8 ++ per pax

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Snow Flake, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

Latest update: Snow Flake has officially opened it's newest branch at Kuchai Lama! For those who are staying nearby and would like some really cooling desert, do head on to:
Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, Kuchai Lama
No.18, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The facebook link: Snow Flake Kuchai

Now I'm sure by now most of you guys had or already have heard/tried about this small space shop selling good Taiwanese deserts in SS15 (right opposite Asia Cafe). After having a few years of very successful business - can be seen by the overwhelming response and full house on peak hours; Snow Flake spread their business to Pavilion. While on a outing with my friends, we spotted Snow Flake. To be honest, I thought the prices are definitely going to be marked up higher given the location. I was wrong. Prices still remain the same with the same quality; major good news.

The beeper that has also already act as the identity of Snow Flake. Basically after placing order and paying, you will be passed a beeper. You know your order is ready when the beeper's light lighted and vibrates crazily. As a matter of fact, I always address this device as Snow Flake's 'vibrator', lol.

Lime Jelly (Sorry, forgetten the price but should range from RM5 -RM6). This desert here is not too over powering in terms of sourness. In fact, I felt it's just good when eaten with the thinly shaved ice below. Very refreshing and soothing to be eaten on a very hot day.

Sea Amber Jelly (RM 6.50). Similarly to the above jelly type desert, I think the correct ingredient of the jelly is sea coconut. Not a very big fan of sea coconut but somehow this dessert doesn't have the aftertaste (personal opinion) that I usually associate with sea coconuts. Much sweeter than the first desert.

Now after trying a few type of deserts at Snow Flakes, I would say my favorite would still be the Snow Flake Best Seller; both hot and cold (RM 6.50). The difference between the both is that the cold comes with jelly layer and has shaved ice; accompanied by fresh creamer. On the other hand the hot one has jelly and the respective beverage. The main reason that made both these desert as my favorite is because well; the yam and taro balls (as seen in picture)! Both the yam and taro balls are so bouncy that it keeps it so addictive to be eaten. Taiwanese calls this the QQ factor; which I thoroughly agree.

The ladies that are with us who enjoyed both the desert and the camwhores (not for sale, sorry).

A bit more expensive compare to other local style desert shop, but hey, this is as authentic and closest you can get to a Taiwanese desert. How do I know? Personal trip to Taiwan brought me to similar comparable quality.

As emphasized on their receipt, Snow Flake is located right in front of Padini Store; just right under the escalator.

Snow Flake's (Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur) Detail
Address :Pavilion KL, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur. (In front of Padini)
Phone :
Price: Depending - RM 5.50 +

Friday, July 9, 2010

A Wet Thai Cafe, Bandar Puteri, Puchong

(Hi guys, how's life treating you people? I've been very busy finalizing my FINAL year project; which is a pain in the ass big job to me. Been coding and coding for the past 12 hours non-stop. In order to keep my sanity, I am going to do my favorite job; to blog about good food! How I wish doing projects could be as motivating as reviewing food huh?)

Celebrated Father's day at yet another A Wet's branch. Chosen this branch over A Wet Thai Village (Sawadee 88) as it's much nearer to my house and it serves non-halal food; I love pork! Bought a bottle of red wine for the bestest dad; who sacrificed time and energy to make a better living life for us. Thank you, sincerely, dad and mom. I'll return double the reward in near future. These words aren't expressed out in real life to him but it's always kept in heart to keep me aware. It's always hard to express out what you're thinking in real life huh?

The first difference that you'll notice when you got ushered to your table would be the drinks that they serve. Instead of plain drinking water, A Wet serves pandan-infused water in aluminum cups. I especially like the aluminum cups as it keeps the water ice cooled for quite a period of time. The water on the other hand takes quite some time to be get used; but otherwise it's okay if u could tolerate pandan.

We ordered up a feast. Thai Deep Fried Pork Trotter (RM 40.00). This is by far my favourite dish here at A Wet. The very crispy skin and tender meat with a little accompanied layer of fat hits the spot every time! The long winded preparation method distinguishes this dish from other pork dishes. The trotter is firstly braised to cook till very tender. Then, holes are poked at the skin layer of the trotter; similar to the preparation of Siu Yuk (chinese roasted pork), before being deep fried. Interestingly, this works and both contrasting crispy and tender texture is resulted. The Thai chili that comes pairs very well too.

Red Tom Yam Seafood Soup (RM 7.80 per pax - we ordered 3 portion to feed 8 people). As usual, you couldn't go wrong with this soup at Thai restaurants. Creamy, fiery and comes with loads of seafood. Very worth for money considering the quantity and seafood amount if you ask me.

Butter Prawns (RM 55). This dish is a favorite among my siblings, mainly because of the gravy. The combination of milk, butter and curry leaves results in a very golden and creamy gravy. If given, I could go 2 rounds of rice with just the gravy alone, lol. The preparation seems simple but it's weird as we've been trying this dish at other restaurant but it doesn't just seems right. A Wet's version the best for us. The price of this dish is pricier as they are using large fresh water prawns with loads of sweet meat. The dish can also be substituted with other meat; chicken,fish, crab.

Steamed Sotong in Sour and Spicy Gravy (RM 35). Had this at A Wet's Sawadee 88, and felt it's good to be reordered. This dish is up to par as the other branch with very soft and chewy squid with addictive gravy.

Thai Coconut Otak-otak (RM 16). A Wet's version of otak-otak is different from the ones we normally have in Malaysia. Stuffed in a coconut, I found that their otak-otak is a mashed up version with all kinds of seafood. This dish is also pretty spicy, considering I'm quite a spicy tolerant person. Nonetheless, it's perfect to be eaten with rice.

Thai Fried Egg (RM 12). Opt for this rather normal dish after being told the vegetable that we ordered are out of sold and left with vegetables that we do not fancy. Busy day huh? Well, I personally felt that besides the rather different looking visual appearance, the egg tasted almost exactly like our normal daily fried egg. Not really recommended, go for more authentic Thai dishes.

Complimentary Ice Kacang.

The bill came up to RM 229.95 for the 8 of us. Considering the amount of seafood we had, this is pretty reasonable to me with just around RM 30 per person. *Drools at fresh water prawn*

A Wet Thai Cafe is easily located at the end of the road of Jalan Puteri 2/5. Notice the rather bright sign board at night.

A Wet Thai Cafe's (Bandar Puteri, Puchong branch) Detail
Address :No. 1-G, Jalan Puteri 2/5, Bandar Puteri, Puchong 47100 Selangor Darul Ehsan
Phone : 03-8060 5630
Price: Depending - RM 10+

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Murni Discovery, USJ 9, Subang Jaya

After experiencing their very overwhelming and successful business in SS2 (1st branch), Murni had (well, expected) to continue their business legacy by opening 2 more new branches. As mentioned, both of them are respectively located at Sunway Mas Commercial Centre and USJ 9 , Subang Jaya.

The branch at USJ 9 is very easily located. USJ 9 is right opposite Taipan (USJ 10),come directly opposite of Taipan and you'll be able to locate Murni Discovery fairly easy. Not to mention, being located in the middle of the shop lots row and it's very bright neon lighted sign board attracts attention too. The difference between Murni Discovery and the original Murni is that Murni Discovery is much more organized; in terms of paying the bill and getting the waiter/waitress's attention. Also, tables and chairs could be placed more comfortably and safer due to the larger space the premise has.

At last, a complete menu! 1 of the confusion that I've always encountered while dining in SS2's Murni is that the non availability of a menu. Imagine having to ask the waiter to 'chant' (yapping all their food in a chanting manner while being able to catch just 1 or few food name) all their food and yet having trouble to decide what to order after that. Most of the food that I've ate though came from recommendations or blog reviews. Rest assure, the food here are very similiar, if not 100% taste the same as their original branch.

Ribena Special and Mango Special. These ice blended flavored infuse drink is the ultimate cooling concoction after a very tiring and hot day. Depending on the flavor ordered, a few sweet ingredients could be found; nate de coco, watermelon, lychees and longans. The sizes ranges from small to large being Small - RM 4, Medium - RM 5, Large - RM 7. Seen on the picture are Medium sizes.

Nasi Goreng Maryland (RM 10). Comes with a sunny side up egg and fries by the side. As reviewed by me on the 1st Murni Branch, my friend had actually said this was good. Rice was fragnant; spicy enough and chicken was crispy. The only complaint was that the chicken had this 'out of refrigerator' texture; something that is not avoidable in most mamaks.

Nasi Goreng Chicken Chop (RM 10). Similiar to the above dish but with grilled chicken covered in gravy. Very tender chicken meat texture when grilled method is opted.

Chicken Napoleon (RM 12). This dish is pretty unique in a way as it is first being grilled together with ham, sausage and cheese to get it's inner flavour. Then, it's being coated and deep fried to produce the very crispy outer skin. The result, contrasting textures and a burst of ingredient's flavor (cheese helps alot). There's also a Nasi Goreng Chicken Napoleon priced at RM 13 or RM 14 for the big eaters.

Nasi Goreng Ayam Pandan (RM 7). Honestly I find this very worth as the chicken portion is very huge; with the thigh and drumstick part. My friends review: This was good, chicken was aromatic.

Mee Raja (RM 8). You get to choose between 3 infused flavors here as compared to their 1st branch - Tom yam, black pepper, original. I picked the tom yam but felt not much hint of it. Maybe they are trying to not over power the orignal taste. All in all this is 1 fried noodle dish that I would personally recommend; very fragrant and tasty with loads of prawns and crabmeat. The very large portion for RM 8 also make it money worth. Mee raja's texture somewhat resembles wanton noodles; but fried instead.

Maggi Goreng Special (RM 4.50). Suspected they used 2 pieces of instant noodles; and loads of sambal added while frying. Fiery and spicy; worth a try for it's huge serving and price tag.

Roti Beckham (RM 6). Among 1 of the fancy names of their roti; with differences of the ingredients. Roti Beckham has tuna, egg, cheese, turkey and bacon all wrapped up in a layer of roti telur. I wonder though how do they associate the ingredients with Beckham. None the less very tasty for a change from your usual rotis!

Murni Discovery's (Subang Branch) Detail
Address : 39-41, Jalan USJ9/5P, Subang Business Centre.
Phone :
Price: Depending - RM 4.50+ for foods; RM 2.00+ for drinks