Monday, April 4, 2011

Kirishisama, Dua Annexe, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur

Greetings! Phew! Sorry for the lack updates, for those who actually noticed! Been really busy on my job - got sent to Singapore for work purposes; and at the same time, my personal laptop actually died on me! Sucks! I actually lost a few copy of blog posts that I was supposed to post. Anyway, life continues, so here's a lil update on my Valentine's dinner; which in my opinion is really good. And oh, forgive me for the lack of accurate price tags. Like I said, my rig has R.I.P-ed, and recalling back the prices based on faint memories. No worries though, the memory of tasted food has never been wiped off before, lol. We were scratching heads, looking for a decent place to have dinner on Valentine's. So after recalling back the good feedbacks from the girlfriend's sis and friends (particularly on the sashimi!), we thought, why not? We're always up for some good Japanese food.

Located at Dua Annexe, which I did not know the existence of till the visit date, is pretty well hidden in a corner of Jalan Tun Razak. It's actually located opposite the US Embassy, which could be the largest landmark you could use. I think this place really do has some reputation on it's own, seeing the owner boss herself was a Japanese. Not to mention also, I've noticed a few Japanese patrons who enjoyed their sakes while dining. Looks good! Note: The prices stated here are not accurate; and are recalled by memory. Do contact the restaurant for the real prices.

We ordered the Sashimi Meal Set (around RM60, if I'm not mistaken) to be shared with. Turns out, the sis was right! The sashimis are darn fresh, if not the freshest I had taste! The thick cuts also helps in savouring the lovely and playful texture in mouth (of course, if you love raw fishes). I loved the butter fish and prawn the most, with very bouncy texture. The prawn was also really sweet on it's own. Simplicity rules! The set also comes with a few side dishes like chawa mushi, salad, white rice and a tray of desert.

The appetizers. Chawan mushi was good, silky and soft beneath. The salad was normal though, just plain shreded veges.

The set desert. I have no idea what is in the left desert which is in the cup. It tasted almost exactly like the Chinese's "Guai Lin Gou" with a hint of bitterness. While the one on right is obviously, a spongecake-like desert.

For something light, we ordered the Grilled Chicken Wings and the Grilled Scallops (around RM6+ each) to be shared. A lil tad too salty, as with any Yakitori styled grilled meats; which I'm sure is perfect to go with a round of beer or two. I love the scallops over the chicken wing, with really juicy naural meat flavour, thanks to the minimal marinating.

The Unagi California Roll (RM26) is just simply amazing! I would say it's the best California Roll that I have tasted so far. First off, the Unagi is really good, with no muddy smell, fresh and glazed with the always *oh-so-orgasm* Kabayaki sauce. The rice filling is stuffed with avocado, crab meat and some eggs. Now what's amazing here I felt is the really great combination of the eel, the rice and the just ripe enough avocado. The combination, with the extra help from the avocado really heightens the texture, with a melting-in-mouth experience. Literally tasteless, the avocado actually lends it's texture to the unagi and rice combo, which is really hard to explain in words!

We also ordered the Steamed Wagyu Slices (RM50+). 4 wagyu slices are placed in a basket like warmer with gas powered mini stove; resting on top of a bed of cabbages. I would rate the wagyu's marble grade to anywhere between 5-7; marble grade being the method to determine how good a Wagyu is, depending on the visually seen fatty lines and colour. Info. Do note that it's also pretty dangerous to overcook ur meat, so be sure to frequently check on it to not waste the good meat.

My medium rare cooked wagyu. Not really the greatest grade, but acceptable. Slightly melting-in-mouth texture achieved. A nice tip to be able to really enjoy it in my opinion, is to cooked it medium rare. In this case, since it's so sliced thinly, you could just watch if the beef is cooked and leave just a little spot of raw meat to get that texture. But still, everyone has different preferences, and mine is medium rare!

To end our meal, we ordered a set of Tempura (RM20+); which by then really filled us up to the brim. Anyway, I really do like it. Appreciate that it's piping hot when served, with no after taste of reused oil; which I really hated. The prawns especially, was really good, bouncy and fresh; no kidding!

We ended the meal with the great Chocolates that are on the house. Am guessing it's because of Valentine's Day perhaps? Lol, anyway the chocolate was good, with a hint of bitterness and choco powder sprinkled on top. Not too sure if it's available during normal periods though.

Kirishisama's Detail Address : Lot 1.2, First Floor, Dua Annexe, 211 Jln Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur Phone : 03-2162 8127 Website : Price : RM50+ per person(?)

And so, that concludes our really great Valentine's dinner experience. Time passes so fast, and am so glad that she's beside me all along. Thank you! =)

..And the reality of KL hits back. Crazy crowds on Valentine's stucked in jam at 11pm+, lol.