Friday, September 24, 2010

KTZ, SS2, Petaling Jaya

Phew, been a busy week for me. Got myself a job, and I can proudly say I'm a proud employee of Fusionex, a IT business solution company!

Me and my girlfriend both always have some strange cravings, especially during the night. We had this crave for something sweet on a chilly night; and off we head to KTZ just before midnight. K.T.Z - which stands for Kei Tak Sik / Remember To Eat is a pretty much famous joint for both modern and traditional chinese based deserts and food. Previously, I would get my fix at a shopping mall here in OUG, but was shifted few years ago. I had mine this time at SS2. The interior remained unchanged over time; with pretty simple settings of wooden tables and chairs.

The girlfriend had the Mango Loh (RM6). A little pricier than pasar malams or equivalent version but the 'lohs' at KTZ is famous for it's strong flavor. The mango puree coated the ice shaved ice nicely, where you can really taste mango in every scoop. The mango slices were sweet. Come to think of it, the mango slices are really constantly sweet every time I ordered this.

I had the Black Sesame (RM2.60) tong sui because they ran out of my favourite Peanut Butter / Fa Sang Wu. Well, the black sesame was really very smooth with a little bit of tiny sesame particle for a little texture feeling while eating. Pretty good version I would say as it's not too sweet, thus not covering the fragrance of the black sesame.

"Wall Band" (RM3.80) / Wo Biang. A very direct.. translation. Was served warm, and was good to go with the tong sui. However, I find it a bit thick, would be better if thinner for that crunchy texture.

Paper Wrap Chicken (RM5.30). Was not warm at all when served, don't blame them as it was pretty late. The gravy was not bad, a little bit herb detected. Pretty wasted, as would taste better if served hot right after tearing the wrapper paper.

Us loving our late night guilty, but lovely deserts. Oh no.

A mixture of snacks and deserts came up to around RM20 for both of us; which is pretty reasonable considering the amount of food we had. I'm not sure if they have other outlets, but the other one that I knew was in Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur. The last time that I went and checked, the branch there was closed.

Address :
No 22, Jalan SS2/63, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Phone :
03 78772499
Website: KTZ
Price: RM 3 - 6 ++

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