Friday, January 21, 2011

Ikea, Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya

Want to get some great looking (but costly!) designer styled furniture? Head to Ikea ! Want to taste some really good Swedish meatballs? You HAVE to head to Ikea ! To me, their meatballs are the bomb. I constantly have lots of cravings of them. However though, I honestly felt only a handful of their items are delicious, and in fact some of them are pretty disappointing. That is why, I keep going back only for ze delicious meatballs! Ikea's food court, like any others is based on a self service concept, which makes it easier and faster to grab the great meatballs.

Kick ass Swedish Meatballs (RM5 - 5 pieces, RM10 - 10 pieces, RM 15 - 15 pieces). Ladened with massive amounts of addictive brown sauce and some lingonberry jam by the side (hidden in pic); all topped with a bed of thick cut fries. You really MUST try scooping the meatballs up fully coated with brown sauce, and mix some of the lingonberry jam on the go. Extremely addictive! The meatball's texture is well; meaty enough with great textures and I like to describe it as 'beefy exploding taste'. Accompanied fries are also great when dipped into the gravy.

I don't usually order other food here, but since I came with my sisters and girlfriend; we decided to give others a go. Turns out, the Baked Salmon (RM15.65) was really disappointing. Albeit the salmon's large size and portion versus the price tag, the salmon tasted more like microwaved. The meat was really dry and lost most of the salmon's 'magical' texture, if you get what I mean. Gravy was also bland and tasteless. The only good thing is really, the portion.

The Vege Pasta (RM 5.25) is surprisingly cheap. Cheap, doesn't really compromise this really bland tasting pasta dish. It taste and looks bland. Maybe opting this for an accompanying or side dish will do, hmm.

Overall, I still think Ikea's food corner is really worth the trip, just for the Meatballs! I always purchase 15 pieces *grins*. Just because I tried some really bad main dishes doesn't mean their food are not up to par. The Fried Chicken Wings there, for example are really good. I also heard ravings about their cakes and great deserts. I especially like their concept of free refilling when you purchase their soft drinks or coffee/tea; with the availability of the drink machines. Also, I noted almost all the food that they serve can also be bought frozen in packs from one level below. Great if you like to serve it at home. Need.. me..a...t...ba...ll...s... in freezer!

A total of RM 40+ for the 5 of us. What??

Address : No.2, Jalan PJU 7/2, Mutiara Damansara, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Phone : 03-7726 7777
Website : Ikea
Price : RM 10 ++

p/s: I spotted a really nice lamp that I think would fit well in my future house if I were to have one. Money, money, money... work harder, earn harder! Same goes to you guys.. great day!

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