Monday, February 14, 2011

Kitchen Creatures, Centrepoint, Petaling Jaya

Been actually hearing raves about Kitchen Creatures way before I even started this blog; mainly for it's no frills dining motto. Best of all, the interior and menu stated clearly that no tax included; which is good news to us consumers! Truly though, they did stick to their no frills dining motto, expect cheap prices for suffice portions I would say. Nevertheless, taste quality are assured even with the given price tag, just don't expect fancy seating or fancy services. This place remains special to me as I spent my family here for dinner with my first paycheck. Hehe.

For starters, we ordered 2 portions of Monster Platter (RM15) - which comes with fried shrimps, calamari rings, fried button mushrooms, mini chicken wings and nachos. I like the juicy fried button mushrooms and nachos the best - extra good when dipped in dipping sauce! I felt this was a steal at RM15 for so many varieties of appetizers. Definitely the cheapest!

We ordered a Pizza Carbonara (RM13), and it does really live up to it's name - creamy, cheesy and the most important of all in terms of serving creamy stuff, piping hot! Price wise? No explanation needed, lol.

Creamy and cheesy.. slurps.

My mom, being a poultry fan all along, ordered the Grilled Chicken (RM13). For that price tag, I was expecting some hammer-bashed-flatten grilled chicken, but wow, what was served was a whole chicken thigh intact. Fresh chicken was used and it was really juicy on it's own, with minimal sauce. Thumbs up!

The Bacon Carbonara (RM 11) was pretty good -with rich cream and really great to bite bacons. Portions are rather healthy, but it would be better if they are more generous with the portion given the price tag.

My sister ordered the Ribeye Steak (RM 19), and she absolutely loved it to the last bite. I had a few bite and loved it for it's medium rare texture. She paired her steak with mushroom sauce, from one of the many sauces available - brown sauce, garlic butter, mushroom or bbq sauce. I still prefer my steak without any sauces for that perfect natural juice. Served with a small side of spaghetti and mixed veges.

My dad is both a lamb lover, and a very picky eater. Nevertheless, thank god that this place passed in his book of eatery. The Grilled Lamb Chop (RM 17) is really huge in portion and also can be served in either any of the 3 sauces - brown sauce, mint or their signature chili lime cilantro glaze. Like the steak, it comes with a small side of spaghetti and mixed veges.

I picked the Classic Fish & Chips (RM 12). I felt this was not good enough, with too thick batter and the fish's cut was not really smooth enough to be cooked via frying. I think it's much safer to stick to their grilled food.

The Monsterised Burger (RM 13) was humongous! A fully wide opened mouth is needed to chomp in one whole bite of savory burger buns, real chicken/beef patties, pickles, onion rings, lettuce tomato, chicken ham, beef bacon, cheese and a fried egg! Orgasmic for a burger lover! Do try to bite all of the stuff in a bite to enjoy the mixed texture, and flavor!

If u think the Monsterised Burger is huge enough, wait till you see the Big Daddy Monster Burger (RM 18) in live! Practically, every good stuff of the Monsterised Burger is doubled up, all sticked via a skewer, and there you have it! Will gladly pay that price for a huge ass burger which is way much cheaper than some puny burgers at high end places.

Phew, I'm glad I made an extra effort in bringing my family here for dinner; seeing that I'm able to sample so many good stuffs! Will definitely return here! The total bill, as I vaguely remember was around RM200 for the 7 of us. Pretty reasonable I would say.

Kitchen Creatures' Detail
Address : Lot F110, Centrepoint, 3 Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800, Petaling Jaya
Phone : 03-7729 8039
Website :
Price : RM 10 ++

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