Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Subway has always been my favourite meal when I'm in the hurry or can't make up choices on a place to have lunch. Healthy, fresh and it's extensive menu means that I could choose and create different subs to my liking. After trying out almost all of them, I would say I loved the Italian BMT sub the most.

But I'm going to be honest here, with 1/2 an inch sub costing around RM12++, I couldn't possibly afford it often even though I have cravings. Thankfully, there are promotions for Subway subs on the go now. WAY TO GO. So basically the promotion goes on from Mon - Sun, where 1 specific sub is given an offer at only RM 7.50 (inclusive of tax) on a specific day. What a steal! It's like having a 50% discount on each sub and I could have subs each day if I could. Lol! The best thing I liked about the promotion is that there are no time limits, it's RM 7.50 throughout the whole day. I basically liked every sub choices so I don't mind the limitation of the day; but people who are picky might want to take note of the promotions for the day. =)

(Image taken from Malaysia Food Promotions).

My sub. It was a Wednesday, so Meatball Marinara for me. It's the sloppiest and messiest sub, mainly because of the tomato based sauce and the uneven shape caused by the meatball. But it's still good as the meatball packed quite a beefy flavor. I always pick my subs with wheat bread; lettuces, onions and green peppers; with olive oil and vinegar. The breads are good as they bake breads fresh everyday and in the shop itself. The veges need no explanations as their motto is healthy and fresh. Will review other subs the next time if chances allowed! =)

Subway's Detail
Address : 42 branches all around Malaysia (mainly KL and PJ state area)
Phone :
Website: Malaysian Subway site
Price: RM7.50 - RM14++

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