Friday, May 21, 2010

Tamarind Springs, Ampang

Brought the girlfriend for her birthday dinner at Tamarind Springs, Ampang. Tamarind Springs serves Indochinese food, which is rather new to us. Reason being is that was bored of the typical dinners at some fancy Italian/Western restaurants (for special occasions of course!); therefore researched for something extra special. Located at Ampang, the place is surely way remote; but upon reaching the place, "WOW!" was the only quote that I could use to describe the place. The entire setting of the restaurant (note: there's 2 restaurants and 1 spa area located in Tamarind's compound if not mistaken) does not at all looks like you're in the center of the city. A perfect getaway from the busy and hustle city life I must say. We reached around 8pm, whereby the whole compound was quiet; and got greeted by pretty candles at the pathway all the way from the entrance to the restaurant. That, already made me felt like a VIP whereby our presence as a customer is fully anticipated. Credits to their decoration and mood settings!

Entrance to the compound. Looks can be deceiving lol. Such a normal entrance to a beautiful place.

Candles all over the compound.

More candles along the pathway.

Direction to the restaurant.

The exterior of the restaurant.

The restaurant has among the best customer services from the staff that I had experienced. At the front desk, I told them that I had reserved a table for two, and they promptly told me "Mr. Jun Kit right?". Wow, speaking of being ready to serve customers. Ushered to the table and the captain introduced us to a few best sold food items. Indochinese's dining concept is similarly to dining in Chinese restaurants whereby a few dish would be ordered to go with rice. Since I had researched on the menu, I skipped their fish as a few bloggers had some complain on the fish. For the both of us, we ordered the Green Curry Beef, Sauted Garlic Lamb and the Crab and Asparagus Soup. Unfortunately, after awhile the waiter came back and told me that all curry items are discontinued as they found that their coconut milk are not up to par to be prepared with. Quality control! Changed the curry to the Fried Duck Egg with Eggplant - pretty rare dish. Forgive me on the pictures quality. I'm only equipped with a compact camera and the environment was rather dark - challenging!

Table decoration. Romantic =)

Only Eau Claire mineral water is served here. Fancy, huh?

Complimentary startes by the chef - some vege salad dosed with olive oil. Crunchy and refreshing.

1st dish to arrive - Asparagus and crab meat soup. Taste a little bit hard on the salt; but the asparagus and sweet hand peeled crab meat made it up for it. Not bad.

Sauted Garlic Lamb. This is nice! The lamb meat was properly cooked, a little over medium rare but just nice. The gravy was the best as it's the juices of the marinade and produced over cooking the lamb. Packed with flavor! The garlic gives a crunchy contrast texture to the meat, though I don't see the needs of the garlic. Lol.

Fried Duck Egg with Eggplant. This was normal, couldn't bring up the aromatic flavor of the duck egg. Disappointed with this dish though.

White rice served with dishes and our table setting. Lovely. =)

The bar area nearby our table. People started to hanging out and had drinks like around 11pm. Guess it's open till late?

Enjoyed the pleasant meal with some relaxed talk. The restaurant however could be made much more comfortable with the air ventilation as it's rather stuffy; for a fine dining restaurant. The total bill came up to RM 124. Pretty worth it, considering the effort of the staffs to make us feel comfortable, the decorations, environments and the food. Noticed a Italian cuisine restaurant under the same management, Il Tempio; located just beside and below Tamarind Springs. Would definitely pay a visit for the next special occasion.

Tamarind Spring's Detail
Address : Jln 1 Taman T.A.R, 68000 Ampang, Selangor D.E.
Phone :
03 42569300
Website: Tamarind Spring
Price: Depending on ordered dishes but a decent meal for 2 would cost around Rm150 - Rm 300.


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